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My office recently upgraded our billing software to FABAbill Legal Billing. I was initially resistant to making changes for fear of having to learn a new platform. I wish I had made the switch years ago as FABAbill is extremely user friendly and made for a seamless transition. The ability to easily enter billable hours into the software from anywhere has reduced the amount of time we spend entering billable hours at the end of the month and allows for automatic invoicing. The software is extremely easy to navigate and offers several litigation assistance features that have been very helpful. I highly recommend this billing software.
E. Ashley Bonifant, Esquire
My firm has been utilizing FABAbill Legal Billing since 2010. It is easy to use and convenient to bill for each task as you go, which eliminates numerous hours later in the month to try to find missed billing and ensures all matters are properly billed. Since I started utilizing the program my billable hours have increased! I just stay logged in on my computer and bill as I go!

In addition to tracking my billable hours and increasing my billing, I can go to my client’s billing history and easily determine the status of the case and/or what needs to be done for a case.

I am very pleased with the FABAbill Legal Billing program and would recommend it to any lawfirms who bill hourly.
Billie Jo Hopwood, Esquire
Platt Hopwood Attorneys At Law PLLC
I give FABAbill 5 stars! Prior to purchasing this program, our office tried 3 other billing programs that were confusing and not user friendly. FABAbill is absolutely user friendly and very easy to learn. We’re very happy to have found this billing program and highly recommend it.
Tony Hernández III, Esq.