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My firm has been utilizing FABAbill Legal Billing since 2010. It is easy to use and convenient to bill for each task as you go, which eliminates numerous hours later in the month to try to find missed billing and ensures all matters are properly billed. Since I started utilizing the program my billable hours have increased! I just stay logged in on my computer and bill as I go!

In addition to tracking my billable hours and increasing my billing, I can go to my client’s billing history and easily determine the status of the case and/or what needs to be done for a case.

I am very pleased with the FABAbill Legal Billing program and would recommend it to any lawfirms who bill hourly.
Billie Jo Hopwood, Esquire
Platt Hopwood Attorneys At Law PLLC
A few years ago we were having problems with our billing system. We had been using Quickbooks Billing system and attorneys were having problems reviewing past invoices, amounts paid or balances due from our clients without having to go through a complicated system and generating complicated reports. Our invoices were unprofessional and did not provide our clients with the information they needed. We were in a quandary as to where to go. We settled on the FABAbill system and it has solved all of our problems. Current and past billings are available at the simple click of a mouse and the program makes it very easy for our attorneys to address client questions on past invoices without ever having to involve bookkeeping.

We are able to set the amount a client must maintain in trust and that amount is posted to each bill so that our clients are aware of their required trust balance before owing money. As we bill a client, running balances give us up to the minute trust information on balances, which makes it very convenient when talking with a client about case costs. Attorney’s fee affidavits are easily produced automatically by the system and even our most computer illiterate attorneys have been able to easily learn the system.

Recently, one of my junior associates left the firm and I took over her cases. Her cases were billed at lower hourly rates. The system easily accommodated changing the hourly rates for my work on these files.

Since our transition to the FABAbill system, all our billing problems were resolved and I would highly recommend it to any firm for hourly billing cases.
Clay D. Morgan
Morgan & Barbary, P.A.
Prior to selecting the FABAbill system our firm used a couple of other billing programs. Unfortunately those programs were difficult to use and required us to spend far too much time on the entire billing process. Eventually, we were introduced to and selected the FABAbill system and our billing challenges were cured. After two years of using FABAbill, we know it to be a program that is easy to use and saves us significant time and money through its utility. For those staffs who have ever labored over the preparation of attorney’s fees and costs affidavits, the FABAbill system vastly improves that process and product. We highly recommend that you try FABAbill, and trust that you will be highly impressed with its capabilities and potential value to your firm.
John W. Moser
Moser & Moser, P.A.